Recirculation-cryostat - SARYN series

The recirculation cryostat "SARYN" series are designed to provide a clean flow of fluid with constant pressure and capacity in a temperature range between -20°c and +40°c for your critical applications in the laboratory.

  • Wide range of standard models from 1000 to 5000 watt
  • Exceptional thermal stability (±0.1°C)
  • Innovative technical solutions that will lengthen the life cycle
  • Very high adaptability to change of the external loads
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Manageable from the personal computer

The innovative design of the cooling circuit, combined with a digital control system particularly sophisticated, qualify our coolers as the only ones on the market for:

  • the flexibility in responding to external highly variable loads;
  • the capacity to early self-diagnose of critical situations and to ensure the maximum continuity of service level provided.

The extreme silence of running allows the use of the instrument within the normal workplaces without any disruption for the operators.

Fitted with a series of visual and intuitive alarms for high and low temperatures, fluid levels and indication of pressure and flow

Some applications:

  • Thermostatation of delicate analytical instruments
  • Condensation of vapors
  • Low temperature calibration
  • Optical analysis
Additional references:
-Research laboratories
-Control and calibration systems
-Brochure SARYN